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Hosting Your Airbnb Without The Hassle

Airbnb hosting can be quite daunting. At whatever point you book a guest; your reputation is at stake and you need to convey the most ideal experience. 

All through your guest journey, your Airbnb guest will have various experiences with you, from their underlying booking request to their stay at your property. Your guests need to make the most of their trip, which exceeds their expectations, for you to make maximum profits. 

As a property manager/owner you will need to ensure you can deliver a flawless guest experience and make your Airbnb hosting simple. Below are 5 hacks on managing your Airbnb without any hassle:

1) Have a keyless entry:

Keys tend to get lost while exploring so a host can try implementing keyless entry for their property. There are various options like putting a pin lock for the door where the host needs to provide the guest with the password. Keyless entry devices for your home can be controlled by any mobile device – the user simply sends a text message command or uses the app to lock/unlock their door. It also features proximity-sensed keyless entry using Bluetooth to communicate between the host’s phone and the lock.

2) Opt for a good vacation rental software to manage your guests:

As a host, you possibly cannot manage everything on your own. Opt for a good vacation rental management software to make the process of Airbnb hosting much simpler. A good vacation rental management software will allow you to create a professional website, procure direct bookings, save hours you would spend on admin, make sure everything is one place and allow integrations with other apps to improve your functionality.

3) Hire a professional cleaning service:

Hiring a professional cleaning service ensures a smooth transition between guests. It also allows you to have a quicker turnover and take on more bookings. Your guests will expect a high level of cleanliness when they arrive and a professional cleaning service can help achieve that. This will lower the chances of getting negative guest reviews. Plus you will save a lot of money in the long run as you will be able to better maintain your property.

4)Have a welcome guide in place with crucial information:

Leave a welcome guide filled with crucial information at a convenient location so your guests find it easily. Fill it with information regarding the property, the gadgets in the house, and instructions about facilities like smart locks, smart home gadgets, etc.

5) Identify 24/7 maintenance vendors:

If you plan on hosting large groups regularly, consider a 24/7 maintain service to keep the property in order, clean up after the guests and to maintain the overall standard of the property.

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