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Free Airbnb Amenities Checklist For Hosts

airbnb amenities checklist

As an Airbnb host, the amenities you provide can really have an impact on your bookings. Even though your guests have opted to stay at your vacation rental over a hotel, doesn’t mean they don’t expect high-quality service. When travellers are browsing through options, the amenities you provide can really make your vacation rental stand out. We have put together an Airbnb amenities checklist, for better guidance.

The Airbnb amenities checklist includes basics like toilet paper, pillows, towels, bed linens, soaps and shampoos should be present always. You could also leave some spare pillows and linens just in case they need it. While furnishing the property make sure to choose linens that can be easily washed and don’t fade easily. Hotels tend to choose white because they are aesthetically pleasing, but bear in mind they are also hard to maintain.  If your property is located near a beach you could also provide some beach towels. Be sure to also leave an iron with a full-sized ironing board. Do not forget to get smoke alarms and fire extinguishers installed in case of emergencies. You could also leave a list of emergency contact numbers including your own

Now coming to the kitchen. Make sure to keep cutlery and utensils according to the number of guests. Remember to also leave basic condiments like salt, pepper, sugar and tea bags. Also include non-perishable items like coffee, honey, cream/milk powder, allspice, etc, you could also leave a bottle opener and a wine cork if you want. An additional (and totally chargeable) option is to stock up your kitchen with basics like ramen, biscuits, rice, maybe a fully stocked fridge, a bar cart, etc. your guests will greatly appreciate this on the day of their arrival when they are too tired to venture out for a meal.

You can also add a few more amenities like a hairdryer, coat hanger, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Guests won’t mind paying extra for these as long as it is convenient. Another important amenity to consider is a first aid kit along with a description of how to use it. If you’re hosting businessmen you could also include a universal charger and some office supplies like pens, notepads, staplers and scissors. Last but not least, you can leave a small welcome gift for your guests. A small token that will make your guests feel special and create a great first impression.

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