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Automating The Vacation Rental Check-in Process

The vacation rental check-in process for property managers and owners can be a real nightmare. If you are running your business remotely, this process can be ultra-cumbersome. Thankfully there are ways to effectively automate the vacation rental check-in process.

The main reasons to automate the check-in process is to save resources, increase productivity and enhance guest experiences. This also means that the workforce used for repetitive tasks can now be put to better use which can lead to a marginal increase in revenue. Additionally, it will help structure your internal processes in a better way.

So how exactly can you do this?

Use Keyless Locks:

Keyless locks eliminate the risk of lost, duplicated and old keys, making sure your property and guests remain safe. This system generates access codes which can then be shared with your guests as well as the cleaning staff and as the owner/property manager you will be notified every time someone enters your property. We at YourWelcome currently integrate with multiple door lock and IoT partners to provide automated solutions.

Automate Data Collection:

YourWelcome Advance is an automated pre-arrival check-in system and guest messaging platform for your vacation rental. This tool allows you to capture crucial guest information like contact details, travel schedules and verify ID documents. All this data is stored securely in a GDPR compliant manner. What does this mean for property managers and owners? Elimination of multiple phone calls and emails to guests to share access codes, and other crucial information with your guests. All your guest data is also securely stored in one place.

Automate Information:

Apart from checking-in with one touch, you can enhance the guest experience by welcoming your guests with a personalized message and record an introductory video to be displayed once your guests arrive at your property. This is a great way to build a rapport with your guests even if you are not physically present at the property. You can personalize welcome messages using YourWelcome Tablets. They also come packed with property guides, recommendations of restaurants, bars and local area guides to ensure your guests have a pleasant stay at your property.

These measures will significantly improve the check-in process. These practical solutions will also give you a competitive edge and create brand loyalty through efficient guest management. For more detailed information on our products: