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Vacation Rentals Upsells: 5 Smart Ways to Drive Additional Revenue

5 Ways to Upsell Services in Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals Upsells: Maximizing Revenue

Rental managers focus is always occupancy but increasingly property managers are using vacation rentals upsells to increase revenue.

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why property managers are increasingly incorporating service sales into their strategies, explore the types of services you can offer to your guests, and provide valuable tips on optimizing conversion rates. By implementing these strategies, you can generate additional income while providing added value to your guests.

Curated Welcome Packages

Create a memorable first impression by offering curated welcome packages tailored to your guests’ preferences. Consider partnering with local businesses to provide welcome gifts or exclusive discounts on popular attractions, dining experiences, or spa services. Customizing these packages adds a personal touch and encourages guests to indulge in extra amenities during their stay.

In-Property Service Enhancements

Upsell in-house services to enhance the guest experience. Offer options such as late checkout, allowing guests to enjoy a leisurely departure and make the most of their stay. Additionally, consider offering mid-stay cleaning services to refresh the rental, ensuring guests experience a consistently clean and comfortable environment throughout their stay. Highlight the convenience and comfort these services provide, making it easy for guests to elevate their stay and enjoy a truly relaxing vacation.

Local Experiences & Activities

Tap into the local attractions and experiences to create enticing vacation rentals upsells opportunities. Collaborate with nearby tour operators, event organizers, or activity providers to offer exclusive discounts or packages for guests. From guided city tours to adventure excursions, providing access to unique experiences will enhance guest satisfaction and encourage them to explore more during their stay.

Upselling Through Technology

Leverage the power of technology to seamlessly upsell services. Utilize platforms like YourWelcome’s smart tablet, which allows guests to browse and book additional services conveniently. From spa treatments to airport transfers, guests can access a range of offerings right from the tablet, enhancing their experience and increasing revenue for your business. Technology is most efficient way to drive vacation rentals upsells.

Learn More About YourWelcome

Find out why YourWelcome is the most used digital guest experience product in the market.

YourWelcome Tablets offer a personalized guest welcome & a contactless check-in.

Using video property guides via YourWelcome tablets materially reduces guest questions and call outs relating to the property.

YourWelcome Tablets enable you to offer instantly assemble area guides, restaurant recommendations and discount offers to on-demand services.

Sell services direct to your guest. Popular services include Early & Late Check-In, Equipment Hire and additional cleaning.

YourWelcome’s suite of products streamlines guest communication, up-selling and brand interaction.

Display your brand and surface your property portfolio whilst the guest is in residence and increase your direct bookings.

Promote leaving a positive review of your property throughout the guest stay. A key element of vacation rental marketing is driving great reviews on OTAs & Google.

Loyalty Programs & Repeat Bookings

Encourage repeat bookings and customer loyalty by implementing a rewards program. Offer exclusive perks, such as early check-ins, late check-outs, or discounted rates, to guests who choose to stay with you again. A loyalty program not only incentivizes guests to return but also fosters a sense of appreciation and builds long-term relationships with your valued customers.

By implementing these smart upselling strategies, including late checkout and mid-stay cleaning services, you can maximize revenue while enhancing the guest experience in your vacation rentals. Curated welcome packages, in-house service enhancements, local experiences, technological upselling, and loyalty programs will provide added value to guests and create memorable stays. Start implementing these ideas today and watch your vacation rental business thrive!

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