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22 Short Term Rental Industry Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Vacation Rental Podcasts: The Definitive Guide

Whether you’re just getting started in this amazing industry or you are a pioneer who helped build it, there is something new to learn every day.  Podcasts are an easy way for everyone to tap into others’ expert knowledge base, mistakes, and experiences to help grow and run a successful business. This ever evolving community has so much to offer and we encourage you to get involved whether that is starting your own podcast, being a guest speaker, or a consistent listener – a rising tide floats all boats and spreading knowledge empowers all to succeed.

In no particular order, these vacation rental podcasts will give you the edge you need or at least get your wheels turning on how to start or improve your business…Go ahead, learn from the best.

Thanks For Visiting

By: AirBnB Superhosts Annette Grant & Sarah Karakaian

Get actionable advice and the essential fundamentals of running a profitable 5-star Airbnb side-hustle or full on business. Annette’s extensive background in business operations and Sarah’s experience in high-end hospitality management and interior design make them a powerhouse duo that will deliver high impact content.

Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast

By: Michael Sjogren & Emanuele Pani

The Short Term Rental Secrets Podcast is dedicated to providing actionable content to help new and seasoned real estate investors launch, automate and scale their Airbnb business and fast track their journey to financial freedom.

This is the podcast for anyone and everyone in the Hospitality industry that loves what they do and wants to grow, learn, and experience all the cool things in the world of hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals, and travel offers! On the show, you will hear many special guests and special topics in our industry!

Heather Bayer, author of Renting Your Recreational Property for Profit, CEO of a highly successful vacation rental agency, and a popular blogger, hosts the Vacation Rental Success podcast.

The Accommodations Show

By: Bart Sobies

Bringing industry experts together to help you grow your accommodation business.  Featuring the best tips and advice for those that manage or run short-term rentals (STR), hotels, motels, BnBs, AirBnBs, and even campsites.

Real Estate Expert, Shawn Moore, from, brings you the Vodyssey’s Vacation Rental Revolution Podcast. Bringing you the best tips, tactics & strategies for growing and scaling your short-term vacation rental portfolio. Discover the difference between traditional short-term vacation rentals and true Lifestyle Assets.

An unfiltered look into the global vacation and short-term rental industry. Co-Hosts Mateo Bradford and John Stokinger discuss current news and affairs surrounding the short-term rental space. The No BS Short Term Rental Podcast brings the right people to the table at the right time giving their audience an inside view and real take on the industry like no other.

The first podcast dedicated to the professional vacation rental manager. Join Sarah Bradford and Tim Cafferty on their journey through day to day issues affecting the professional vacation rental manager. From the Coast to the Mountains, Sarah and T have it covered when it comes to vacation rentals.


By: Michelle Russell

Whether you’re into Vacation Rentals or Corporate Rentals, Michelle’s decades of Real Estate Investment and Short and Long-Term Rentals knowledge, as well as insight about buying real estate investment properties, will give you an unfair advantage, which everyone needs.  Go and Grow as Michelle likes to say!

Vacation Rental Machine

By: AirBnB Superhosts Jon Bell & Julian Sage

Vacation Rental Machine helps hosts just like you learn how to start, grow, and scale your vacation rental business. This show is all about creating systems that help you automate your Airbnb business, giving you more time and money freedom. If you’re ready to start living the vacation rental life then subscribe to this podcast today.

Get Paid For Your Pad is the definitive show on Airbnb hosting, packed with tips & tricks on how to improve your Airbnb listing as well as real life experiences from Airbnb hosts from all around the world.


By: Matt Landau

Unlocked is a podcast series that invites you to be a fly-on-the-wall as VRMB founder Matt Landau interviews some of the world’s most innovative vacation rental professionals. The goal of this podcast series is to share best practices and to remind vacation rental professionals that we have everything we need inside of us to succeed.

Ryan and Lucas have hosted thousands of guests and want to share all of their stories with you to pull back the curtain on what it really takes to be in the vacation rental business. Get ready to hear the unfiltered truth on your path to being the best host you can be!

Uplevel: Make money with AirBnB, Short Term Rentals, Real Estate Investing, Passive Income Strategies

By: Ginny Townsend – 6 Figure AirBnB Host, Short Term Rental Strategist 

How to passively use the assets you have at your disposal to create profitable revenue streams of your dreams.  It’s time to ditch the rat race, ditch the hustle-day-and-night mentality, and finally achieve true time freedom and financial freedom.

Short Term Rental Riches

By: Tim Hubbard

Tim Hubbard, successful investor and CEO of a seven-figure short term rental management company shares it all. The insider tips you need to know to acquire, operate, and scale a successful short term rental business.

The 5 minutes podcast for real estate investors who want to learn everything about buying or renting/subletting Airbnb investment properties.  Tips and insights from David Leroux the author of the Airbnb Investment Properties Cash Flow Method. Find out how David bought short-term rental properties that generate over 40% return on investment, in legal niches to operate Airbnb. In this podcast, David shares his secrets on how to find the best Airbnb investment properties/vacation rentals/short-term rentals.

Short Term Rental Success Stories

By: AirBnB Superhost Julian Sage

Short Term Rental Success Stories is a podcast for rentalpreneurs who are looking to grow their business by hearing how professional airbnb hosts start, manage, and scale their vacation rental business.

Short Term Rental Revenue

By: Michelle Russell

This show was created to empower people from all walks of life to build their own STR business and create a passive income that surpasses their J-O-B.

Learn how to identify the best markets to invest in as each city offers unique ratios of risk and profitability, how property managers can simplify the experience for investors & how you can leverage dynamic pricing to maximize revenues as seasonal demand varies throughout the year. You’ll also learn the key differences between short term rental and residential rental strategies.

Covering exactly what it takes to build a successful glamping or unique hospitality vacation rental business for profit. With tips, advice, interviews and inspirations, in this podcast, the only limits are your imagination! Whether your team is going back to the office soon or you need a fresh voice on your regular playlist, these podcasts are sure to impress.  Give these creators a follow and subscribe to show your support. 

The Boostly Podcast

By: Mark Simpson

Mark provides excellent insight into growing your short stay rental business and is always joined by leading industry figures. The podcast offers daily interviews, strategy, and advice for boosting your direct bookings and growing your hospitality business the right way.

Elaine’s podcast offers practical tips and advice to holiday let owners and companies. From interviews with industry experts and successful holiday home owners to useful and useable ideas, resources and discussion – Elaine will try and get the most out of your holiday let investment. A must listen to in the vacation rental podcasts.

CFY Podcast

By: Kevin Vozar

With 20+ years of experience in the Smoky Mountain vacation industry, join the Cabins for YOU crew — with host and vacation property professional Kevin Vozar — as they set out on a mission to share insider tips to help travelers plan their best vacation and property owners run a successful vacation rental business. Get the scoop on all aspects of travel and vacation rentals, from popular vacation destinations and money-saving hacks to property management and owner care. In this show, we’ll take you behind the scenes of the vacation industry — chatting about our successes and failures over the years, inviting guest speakers to share their personal travel experiences, and interviewing vacation rental professionals. Whether you’ve been traveling for decades, are interested in the vacation rental business, or just want to learn more about the art of travel, this podcast is for YOU! Sit back, hit play, and take a journey with us through the vacation industry. A great vacation rental podcasts.

Have we missed any Vacation Rental Podcasts? Get in touch and let us know