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Creating a Glamping Brand: Turn Your Listing Into a Brand

Creating a Glamping Brand: Turn Your Listing Into a Brand

Are you creating a Glamping Brand? If so, then this video presentation recorded by Henry Bennett, CEO of YourWelcome, for the Glamping Show will offer you practicable tips to achieve your goal.

The video presentation covers the reasons why Glamping accommodation owners must create a brand to turn OTA bookers into future direct bookers. The OTA’s (Airbnb,, Cool Camping et al) all take a percentage of your gross nightly rate. Losing his percentage materially affects your profitability.

In addition, if you solely rely on booking from OTA platforms then you are relying on the platform not to change their algorithm. Why does this affect you? The algorithm affects where your listing ranks and therefore materially affects how many booking requests you get.

Watch the video today and take your first step to turning your Glamping listing into a brand.

Glamping: Turn Your Listing Into A Brand

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