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The Only Template You Need To Create A Home Manual For Your Airbnb

home manual template As an Airbnb host, the home manual is one of the most important things you need to offer your guests. It does require some effort to collate. We have put together an Airbnb home manual template for you with some useful tips on what to include:

1)Welcome guide:

The welcome guide is what your guests will see first, so make sure to include all important information concerning your property. The tone should be very precise. Few key details to include, access codes, WiFi password, contact information, emergency information, parking details and any other details you think your guests would need during their stay at your property.

2) Property Rules:

Make sure you communicate all property rules to your guests. It is important to have clear and concise rules to align expectations and avoid any disappointments. Communicate any out of bound areas around your house. Use rules as an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to providing positive experiences for your guests.

3)Property Guides:

It is overwhelming for guests to figure out how everything in your property works. Also providing your guests’ property guides is a good way to eliminate unnecessary phone calls. Make sure to include details about how to operate appliances live the TV, Air Conditioner/Heating and Kitchen Appliances like the oven, gas, dishwasher etc.

4)Transport Information:

Make it easy for your guests to find their way around by providing them with details of your local taxi service, bus routes and airport shuttles. Include a local area map so that your guests can easily navigate to places they want to visit.

5)Local Area Information:

You know your area much better than your guests. Showcase your expertise by providing suggestions for things to do in your area, local restaurant, bars and pubs. Also, include tourist hotspots like parks, museums etc. that your guests might find interesting. This information is crucial for your home manual template.

Providing a home manual is also a great way to develop a relationship with your guests. It shows you care about them!

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