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Video Review: We Upgrade our AirBnB Rental with a YourWelcome Tablet

HomeSteadHow are a family of six who relocated to the countryside to live a more simple life. Their YouTube videos document the experiences they’ve had setting up the homestead, and aim to share helpful tips and tricks with others who might want to move towards a more resourceful and independent way of living.

Watch as they get hands-on to their YourWelcome tablet for the first time, below:

One of the ways the family supplement their income, alongside selling locally produced handmade goods via their online shop, is through Airbnb. Guests can stay at the Evergreen Retreat Rental – which is where the YourWelcome tablet comes in!

The family highlights the ease of experience and benefits of the using the tablet from the perspective of a host:

“The YourWelcome dashboard is very user-friendly; I really love the service features – we plan on selling our guests late checkouts and frozen pizza packages”.

You can also see in their review, that the family have added their own guides to the tablet, adding to the content provided by the YourWelcome team. The guides – both video and text – help guests to make the most of their stay, and range from explaining how they can get free fresh eggs at the farm to how to successfully operate the TV!

To keep up-to-date with everything the family get up to, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel, HomeSteadHow; follow them on Twitter; like their page on Facebook, or visit their website