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How to Become a Superhost

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While browsing through Airbnb’s listings, you might have noticed that some hosts have a badge by their name. This marks them out as a Superhost—someone who’s been going above and beyond to provide the best service for their guests. The programme celebrate its first anniversary of October 2015, and they had 85,000 Superhosts by then. But how to become a Superhost? There’s a few conditions you need to meet, which don’t have to be as daunting as they sound.

How to become an Airbnb Superhost #1: 10 bookings per year

This might sound like a tall order, but there’s a few things you can do to achieve it. The first is to make sure that you’re charging the right amount. You need to make sure that you stay competitive in Airbnb’s marketplace. If your rates aren’t competitive, then guests will simply find places where their money goes farther. You can monitor the markets yourself, or you can automate the process. is a really useful tool for Airbnb hosts. It monitors nearby events, seasonal rents and availability of other accommodation in the area to work out the ideal prices for your Airbnb. By making sure that you’re charging the right price for your property, you’re far more likely to attract customers.

How to become a Airbnb Superhost #2: 90% response rate

This really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. 90% is a lot, but you ought to aim to answer 100% of queries. Just remember, each query you get represents a potential customer, so it’s in your best interest to reply to as many as possible. Given that Airbnb has put a lot into making their mobile app as easy to use as possible, this shouldn’t be hard. You can use Airbnb’s app anywhere that you get a signal, so it should be as easy as answering a text—second nature, really.

How to become a Superhost #3: Rarely cancel

Nobody wants to be cancelled on, and you should aim never to cancel, either. Obviously, there might well be circumstances when you need to. If this is the case, try to give your guest as much notice as possible, and explain what has happened. Your guests are far more likely to be understanding, and to consider you as a host the next time they’re in your city if you do this.

How to become a Superhost #4: 80% 5* reviews

This is the tricky bit. To get five-star reviews, you need to deliver five-star service. But how do you go about doing this? This is going to be aggravating to read, but it very much depends on a lot of things. First off, what sort of travellers do you attract? What is it that they want from your Airbnb? If you attract business travellers, then you might want to offer breakfast of some kind, so that they have one less thing to think about before that important meeting. If you attract families with young children, you could offer games and toys so that the kids have something to do.

Airbnb now offers an analytics service for your reviews, that reads through them and summarises what’s good about your let, and what needs improvement. Either way, it’s important to keep your Airbnb spotlessly clean, and to offer a few basic things, such as toiletries, basic cooking supplies, and towels. Everyone appreciates a nice towel. Make sure you’re offering five-star service, and you’ll get the reviews to match.

This might sound like a chore, especially if Airbnb isn’t your main job or source of income. But ultimately Airbnb is about personality, and you get out of it what you put in. So, if you make your Airbnb an extension of you, and treat your guests accordingly, then you can become a Superhost in short order.