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Announcing Services from YourWelcome

Announcing Services from YourWelcome, a new way to sell items & services directly to your guests.

tablet-table-services Do your guests ever ask you for a late check-out? Whether they can store their bags at your property on their last day? 

Hotels make as much as 20% of their revenue by selling additional services to guests – but while the guest-first mindset is baked in to the advice for hosts authored by Airbnb, HomeAway and other major platforms – there hasn’t been a way to offer vacation rental guests anything in addition to their stay, until now

YourWelcome are pleased to announce Services; a feature that unlocks a new revenue stream for your business. Services is designed to help you make money for things that you are probably already providing for free.

Late check-outs, luggage storage, even toiletries & essentials – guests book and pay via theYourWelcome tablet directly, meaning you can provide services completely remotely.

Today we are rolling out Services to all YourWelcome customers. 


How much can you make?

We process the transaction and pay 80% of every sale you make. See much your profit margins improve by monetizing the guests in-property.

Case Study

Based on 1 Month of sales


* YourWelcome transaction fee of 20%, ** Payments every 30 days.

How much will you make? Use our earnings calculator to see how much you could be making.

Calculate Earnings


Start Selling Late Check-Outs

Services is now available to all YourWelcome users.

Setting up a service is simple. Go to the YourWelcome dashboard and select the new services option:

  • Add title, description and custom image
  • Set the price, currency – even add your own terms & conditions
  • Set a minimum notice period
  • Add multiple emails to the notifications

Go to the ‘Services’ section of the dashboard and add your first service today.

Watch: Set up & start selling late check-outs:


Find out more & get in touch

YourWelcome is available to hosts anywhere in the world – you can find out more about our tablet and view subscription options on the YourWelcome website.