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10 Hacks to make my Airbnb standout

Getting more Airbnb bookings is the ultimate aim of every host. Making your property stand out among the sea of options available to the discerning traveller may seem impossible, but it isn’t. Ever wondered how to make my Airbnb standout? Here are a few hacks.

1) Competitive Pricing

You must implement a competitive pricing strategy for your Airbnb. It is important to change your pricing keeping in the mind the day of the week, seasonal changes and around the holiday period. The most important thing to remember here is the price should be in aligned with the rise in demand.

2)Increase Guest Reviews

Ensure your visitors review your property since travellers’ trust surveys over listings. Perusing past visitor’s experiences urges guests to consider your property since they consistently expect a wonderful stay while on vacation.

3) Keep your listings precise, pertinent and enthralling.

Make your title and description attractive, informative and detailed. You need to include unique propositions about your property. Other information like amenities included, guest rules should also be mentioned. Guests need to know exactly what they are signing up for.

4) Target the ideal guests

Know your intended target group when you advertise your property. If your city is ideal for guests on a budget, present your posting in a way that interests backpackers. Your city is the most significant factor in accomplishing a high occupancy rate.

5) Invest in great photography

With regards to listings, pictures speak louder than words. Invest in a  professional photographer and host a professional photoshoot at your property to capture some great shots of your property to showcase to your imminent guests.

6) Allow spontaneous bookings

Try not to be fussy with regards to spontaneous bookings. Plenty of travellers might need to book the property without prior notification; you should be open to hosting them even on short notice if you are ideating “how to make my Airbnb standout”.

7) Request other local hosts to recommend your property
Engage with other local hosts, they can promote your property if they have no availability on their property. This works as a cross-marketing platform for both the hosts.

8) Promote your posting through google or facebook

Social media advertisement is a great option to expand the occupancy rate of your property. Putting resources into paid advertisements via social media is a sure shot method to build your footing and attract more customers. A host can also build a website and promote it on social media

9) Ensure you list on booking locales

Listing on multiple OTAs, including niche sites like Kid & Coe can help a host increase bookings. The host can also try social media promotion, enrolling on booking websites additionally get you the footing you need. This additionally guarantees you get included on a lot more platforms. You can likewise pursue paid advertisements there too to guarantee your property is highlighted on the highest priority on the rundown.

10) Keep the property clean

More than common courtesy, guests value a flawless and clean property to stay, so guarantee the spot is kept clean before each occupancy.

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