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✉ You Have 1 New Message

We’re pleased to announce that you can now communicate with your guests, sharing photos and messages instantly to the YourWelcome tablet from whichever device you choose. 

We’ve teamed up with Slack; a powerful third-party instant messaging tool, which you and your team can use across all of your devices. We’re a big fan of how simple their app is to use and use it ourselves, so it was the obvious choice for a collaboration.

Wait, what’s Slack?

Find out more, then download the Slack app. Once set up, our Slack integration app will automatically create a direct channel of communication between you and each of your properties. Each conversation is customised to help you identify your guests & the properties they’re staying in.

Get Started

1. Download & install the Slack app: Download Now →

2. Connect Slack to YourWelcome: View Guide →

3. Enable Slack for the properties you choose: View Guide →

4. Start messaging your guests: View Guide →