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Vacation Rentals Covid Policy – How to Drive Bookings

Consumer confidence in booking vacation rentals will hang on how good their Covid policy is perceived to be. It is important that the guest has confidence in your cleaning and hygiene policy and will be one of the key factors in whether the guest places the bookings. This article outlines the key steps you should be taking and how YourWelcome can help your business improve booking conversions and reduce cancelations.

Communicate your Covid-19 Policy on your OTA Listing

Your OTA listing is your main marketing channel. In normal times you highlight the key positives of the property. The great location, the amazing facilities and the price. However, in today’s ‘new normal’, your Covid-19 Policy is as important as any of these factors. Guests will not book without confidence in your cleaning and hygiene measures. If you do not broadcast your Covid Policy then your guests may assume that you are not taking their safety seriously.

Vacation Rental Property Care

Flexible cancellation policy – more bookings

Another key factor in guest booking your property is the flexibility of your cancellation policy. Guests are rightly concerned about a potential outbreak in the area of your property and they will not want to visit in the event of this happening. The guest will want to be able to cancel at short notice. This will leave you out of pocket as a late cancellation will be difficult to fill in the current climate. You have to weigh up whether you want to drive more bookings with a more flexible cancellation policy or whether you have a more rigid policy that protects revenue but may mean less bookings.

Contactless Check-In

Your guests will want to limit all contact with your staff. This means no more meet and greet and walking guests around the property. You will need to set up systems to check in guests in advance and also how best to greet guests on arrival. YourWelcome has two products that help you achieve a contactless check-in to keep your guests safe during their stay.

YourWelcome Advance – this product enables you to automate all pre-arrival communications. In addition, you can access their ID remotely and up-sell upgrades like early check- in. Book a demo to find out more.

YourWelcome Tablets – this product replaces your paper guide with a tablet. Our tablet (provided free with the subscription) enables you to check guests in, communicate how the property works through video guides. In addition, you are able to up-sell services like late check out and equipment hire. The tablet also comes pre-populated with on-demand offers such as food delivery and tourist tickets.

Vacation Rentals Covid Policy – Replace your paper guide

Most vacation rental managers have a paper property guide for their guests. These guides are no longer viable as you cannot clean a piece a paper and you need all guests to read to this information. YourWelcome tablets are now in over 18,000 properties and offer a digital version of your paper guide that every guest will read. In addition, you can wipe clean a digital tablet to ensure your guests safety. You can read more on how we can help with your Covid-19 safety policy by clicking here.

We are here to help you with getting your property Covid compliant. Book a demo to learn more by clicking here.