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Check-In Process

Select An Experience That’s Right For Your Guests

YourWelcome’s check-in feature enables you to take complete control over what your guest sees when they check-in. Whether you’re looking to enrich your guest CRM with up-to-date contact details, or simply be notified when your guest has arrived in your remote property – the guides below will help you select the check-in settings that are right for you.

Explore the check-in options below.




Collect verified email addresses from your guests when they check-in.



Enable guests to check-in without verifying their emails.



Disable the check-in process completely.

Set Your Check-In Screens & Fields

With a completely customisable check-in process, it’s easy to capture contact details and other information from your guests as they use the tablet for the first time.

Find out how to set up your check-in process.