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Check-In Preferences

Set Which Details To Capture As Guests Check-In


YourWelcome’s check-in screens enable you to capture detailed information from your guests, as they arrive at the property.

Whether Identification details you’re capturing details to pass on to local authorities, or simply bolstering your guest CRM – the check-in process is fully customisable, meaning you are in complete control of the experience your guest sees.

Each of the fields that you add can be set as optional or required.

Set Your Check-In Preferences

Navigate to the Check-In Preferences tab of the Settings page. From here, you can pick which check-in configuration you want to use.

At any point, scroll to the bottom of the page and ‘Save All Changes’ to apply the settings – this can take up to 2 hours before it will appear on the tablets.

Capture your guest’s basic contact details:

  • First & Last Name (text field)
  • Telephone Number (dropdown list of country codes and text field)
  • Company (text field)

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Capture your guest’s home or business address:

  • Address (text fields that includes the first and second lines of the address, city, country and zip/postal code)

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Capture details of your guest’s identification:

  • Nationality (text field)
  • Identification Type & Number (Drop-down list of ID types and text field)
  • Next Destination (text field)

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Record the number of guests in the party:

  • Adults (+/- Selector)
  • Children (+/- Selector)

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Determine whether the booking was made directly:

  • Direct Booking? (yes/no checkboxes)

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This option will only show if you add ‘Important Information’ to a property.

This setting can be used to ask guests to confirm they have read your house rules – set the checkbox to mandatory if you want to guests to confirm that they have done so.

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Selecting this option will enable guests to leave a ‘first impressions’ rating of the property as they arrive. This option is useful when hosting a property remotely as you can enable comments, asking your guests to explain whether there are problems upon arrival.

  • First Impressions Comments

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Enabling this option will ask your guests to provide a name and email address for all additional adults staying with them. Guests can also provide the number of children staying with them (no names or additional contact details are requested for children).

  • Extra Guests

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