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Scheduling & Sharing Check-In Links

Share a link to check-in online


When YourWelcome Advance is enabled on a property, links to the online check-in platform will automatically sent to the email attributed to the booking.

Email Schedule

Notification emails are sent 2 weeks prior to the start of the booking; unless the booking starts sooner than that (where the emails are sent immediately), or unless you trigger it to be sent now.


If your guest has not checked in within 48 hours of receiving the email, they are sent another message every 48 hours until they have checked in.

Sending Check-In Links

New Bookings

When you create a new booking on a property that has YourWelcome Advance enabled, you will see the option to schedule or send an online check-in link to your guests.

If you have added a guest to the booking, their email will be inherited and pre-filled – this can be amended if required. There are two options available:

  • Choose Schedule Message to allow the system to automatically send the message (either immediately, on 2 weeks prior to the booking)
  • Choose Send Link Now to send the message immediately

If you haven’t yet assigned a guest, the email you enter will create and assign a guest to the booking.

Imported Bookings

If YourWelcome Advance is enabled on a property that is also synced to a third-party Calendar, messages containing online check-in links will automatically be scheduled for any bookings that are imported with a valid guest email.

If you need to amend the email used or send the link now, you can do so my navigating to the individual booking in the dashboard and tapping the Send Message Now button.

Viewing Check-In Status

You can view the status of all check-ins on the Check-Ins page.

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