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Whatever help you need – whether you need your cracked screen repaired or simply want to get more out of your device – our team of product specialists are here to help. Read through our helpful tutorial guides, or contact our team directly using the links below.

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Most Popular Guides

Quick Start Guide

Set up your device for the first time. If you follow everything in this guide, your tablets will be 100% guest-ready.

Reservations Calendar

Manage bookings and view your check-ins – learn how to make use of one of YourWelcome’s most powerful features.

Connected Accounts

Automate your check-ins and unlock new features by connecting to other services.

Sell Your Own Services

Sell your own services, directly to guests. Learn how to set up products and services on YourWelcome’s built-in sales platform.

GDPR & Data Collection

We’ve introduced new tools to ensure that your business is GDPR compliant, and to help you explain (to your guests) how you manage and share data.

Instant Messaging

How to configure the messaging feature that enables you to communicate with your guests, sharing photos and messages instantly. Find out how to set up chat, powered by Slack.

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