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YourWelcome – The Vacation Rental Guest Apps Platform

When considering your guests experience the first thought is to focus on the linens and general property maintenance. This of course is essential, however as the industry has evolved its become a given these will be supplied to the highest possible standard. So what comes next… Well, guests are continually demanding a greater experience and sharing knowledge so that their in-property experience is a great one has become a key differentiator in the vacation rental space. That’s where guest apps come in to play…

Before the advent of apps most hosts or property managers would print binders of information and print this to leave in the home. Now this old school method of communicating with your guests was, and still is failsafe. The main reason for that is because you know the information is in the property if they need it, they don’t need to go searching for it, its presence is just there. So in this modern era providing a vacation rental guest app makes sense for it to be in the property on arrival.

YourWelcome Tablets are a great way for you to avoid the continual printing and updating of your binders and offer so much more on top. Obviously sharing information in advance is something some guests want so combining the Tablets with YourWelcome Advance is the full end to end solution for Vacation Rental Guest Apps.

Below are some of the key reasons why 50,000+ guests a month are loving the YourWelcome platform.

Video Property Guides

Shoot and share videos to explain the commonly asked questions about your properties. Guests love watching short videos that mean they can solve things themselves. A key driver to cutting down unnecessary call-outs for homeowners

Written Property Guides

Share your written guides and format with images where necessary. Add new guides from the YourWelcome dashboard each time a question comes up to start reducing guest queries.

Online Property Guides

Already hosting the content on the web? Whether its linking to your own site, to a google doc or even to a YouTube video, you can include a guide on the tablet to solve it all.

All the essentials around you

YourWelcome’s dedicated in-house content team research and write guides for ‘every’ area. No matter where you’re based your guests will be able to read about all the features of your neighbourhood without you needing to do anything. Of course you can add your own recommendations easily from the dashboard if needed.

Room Service without the hassle

We partner with local and national service providers to ensure your guests have access to things like taxis, takeaways, tourist tickets and more direct from the tablet. The best part is that a commission from each transaction gets paid back to you so you can earn more from every booking without lifting a finger!

Exceeding Guest Expectations

Your guests can use the complimentary tablet you’re leaving them for browsing the web, checking directions or just getting their bearings on the streets around them. This 5 star service will leave a great impression.

See How YourWelcome's Vacation Rental Guest Apps Platform Can Work For You

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