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Sample Email

Obviously adapt this as you see fit, but I’ve tried to leave no room for them to say no – primary objective here is to get a call booked. If you would prefer, include the and instruct the client to reference your name using the form, when they’re booking.


I hope everything at <INSERT COMPANY> is going well.

I wanted to get in touch because we’ve just released a new feature that could make a material difference to the profit per guest reservation.

YourWelcome has always offered the ability to sell services to your guests but these services were only available as instant book.

We are now offering owners & operators the ability to set up services with an Accept or Decline option – this means that owners can offer services generally across their portfolio but be safe in the knowledge that if they cannot fulfil any given order from guests they can decline.

Example services:

  • Late Check Out
  • Additional Cleaning
  • Equipment Hire

The Order Process Works As Follows:

  • Guest orders a service – they are told that their request has been sent to you and their card is pre-authorised for the full amount
  • The inbound request is sent via email & also appears in the YW dashboard
  • You choose whether to accept or decline:
    • Accept: The payment is instantly taken and the request becomes an order to fulfill
    • Decline: The order moves to the declined orders list and no charge is made to the guest and the guest is notified of your decision

We’ve also added an auto-decline feature, which enables you to decline the order automatically if you don’t respond within a time period (between 1-24h). Our support team can help you cancel any order made, including a full or partial refund.

Let Us Help
We are very happy to help you set up the services. Book a call with your account manager here and we will get everything set up for you.

Look forward to speaking soon,

Service Ideas

These are just my ideas – if you’re not super-familiar with their business, ask questions and have a think about the things they could offer without making a big change to their current operations.

Every single one of our clients should be able to provide at least one of these – but they may have ideas of their own! Listen to what they have to say; no idea is a bad idea.

Late Check-Outs


With the right amount of notice, it should be easy for you to rearrange any cleaning/turnover. This is particularly effective if, when you know you don’t have a booking for the following night, you prompt the guest to let them know this is an option. If you let me know an hourly rate, I can help set this up based on the default check-out time of each property on your account.

Extra Nights


This is a no-brainer. Set a standard rate for each type of property, then approve any requests for extending the stay (just remember to block off your calendar when you get an order!). We can add options for any number of extra nights, and you can set the price for each specific option – though I’d suggest keeping it simple.

Cleaning Services


If you’ve got in-house hospitality staff, why not offer a menu of cleaning services to your guests? Along with booking a cleaner, the most popular services are laundry and dry-cleaning. This is also something you could outsource to a local company – though you’re likely to pay a higher premium for doing so.

Baby Equipment Hire & Extra Products


Parenthood doesn’t always go to plan – even the most prepared guests can be caught short during their stay. A lot of our clients offer guests the ability to hire cots, highchairs and buggies. You could also sell nappies, dummies and other sundries.

Food Menu


If you’re feeling adventurous (or have good links to a local cafe), you could set up a simple food menu. You can set multiple options & prices for each product and your guests can add order them all in one go. You can check your stock (or call the cafe) when the order comes in, before making the decision about whether it can be fulfilled.