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Airbnb Check In

Airbnb check in processes have evolved over the years. When Airbnb first launched it was normal to meet in person, exchange the key and show them the property. As the market evolved, bigger Airbnb Management companies developed keyless solutions and remote check ins to reduce costs. Due to Covid-19, all Airbnb hosts must now find a way to check guests in without any human contact.

Why Has Covid-19 Changed Airbnb Check In Processes?

Governments around the world have introduced social distancing measures to reduce the spread of the disease. Airbnb and Vacation Rentals must adapt to this new normal in order to survive. It is now normal for Airbnb property managers to publish on their OTA listings their covid-19 policy to reassure guests to drive bookings. Contactless Airbnb check in also reduces your costs in having Airbnb and increases profitability. The contactless check in is now something that all Airbnb hosts must arrange.

YourWelcome Advance – Check In

YourWelcome Advance is a tool that automates all of your pre-arrival guest communications. You can create different email flows for different guest types (eg direct bookers vs Airbnb guests). You are able to access the guest ID in a GDPR compliant way in advance of the stay. In addition, you can offer upgrades to your stay such as early check in and airport pick ups. YourWelcome Advance is integrated with 50+ PMS systems and used by 100’s of Airbnb and vacation rental companies, including Berkshire Hathaway.

YourWelcome Tablets – In Property Communication Tool

YourWelcome Tablets replace the traditional in-property paper guides. The tablet (which is free with every subscription) acts as the communication and transactional tool for guests during their stay. You are able to set up guest check ins on the tablet. You can offer video property guides and also sell services to your guests during their stay.

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